Lavacore Back Zip Full Suit


Lavacore is an ideal solution either as an additional layer beneath an existing neoprene wetsuit or on its own in warmer climates, providing the thermal equivalent of 2mm thick neoprene . The material is neutrally buoyant, eliminating the need for extra weight. Lavacore can also be an alternative to divers and snorkellers that react to other thermal materials like neoprene.

Lavacore comes is a wide variety of styles, cuts and sizes for complete exposure protection including full suits, shorts, tops, gloves, socks and hoods.


Whether you are kayaking, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, snorkelling, jetskiing, boating, sailing or any other water based activity, Lavacore is the essential exposure protection needed to enhance your performance on, in or around the water.

The unique synthetic construction makes it lightweight and closely matches the stretch and movement of a traditional Lycra vest, yet provides the insulation qualities of a thermal layer such as neoprene. Thanks to the treatment impregnated Lycra outer layer and middle PU layer, the material dries extremely quickly.


The unique PolyTherm trilimate material used in Lavacore thermal products provides a very high heat and insulation rating, water and windchill resistance without being heavy or positively buoyant.

The outer treated Lycra layer has water repellent and anti-windchill properties, the middle PU film is breathable to allow perspiration to be drawn away and the inner fleece layer is comfortable and warm against the skin.